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Thread: Coupon Code?

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    Coupon Code?

    Anyway any of the generous reps on here could hook me up with a coupon code? I've got a $500 order about to be placed and would love a bit of relief on that if you guys could accomodate me! Thanks for an awesome site!


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    Sent you a link bro on how to obtain a coupon code
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    Liquid, I am new as well. This will be my fourth cycle, and have at least a $500 dollar order planned shortly. Any info on a coupon code would be greatly appreciated. I'd be happy to use you as a referral. Thanks

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    LOL, the banner code given out by the sponsor does not provide a discount to the end user. If you are bringing people in on the regular, then you would want a banner to direct all the traffic through. you would receive 10% of the value of any order placed via your banner code towards your next gear purchase. So, if you are ordering for yourself, then there is no discount, and no need to get a banner code...
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    They do have coupon codes for % off. I have one for 15% of my next order right now lol

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    Click On The Link Below Before You Place Your Order!

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    prices are good already!
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    tricky trickyyyy

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    Naps offers a loyalty discount coupon code offer the affiliate codes do not offer discount codes
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    Quote Originally Posted by sam1976 View Post
    prices are good already!
    For sure!
    Better prices and way better gear than anything local.


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