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    Good Afternoon Everyone

    Quick Intro, as most of you knows who I am MODERATOR over OLM/MU glad to be part of this community looking forward to it,,,,,

    Respectfully MF

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    Glad to see you here. Welcome.

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    Welcome to the board brother.

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    whats up man

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    hey, welcome! good to have you here, M Freaky. we've got a really great bunch of guys here. we will all certainly benefit from the knowledge you have to offer
    if you are new to the board, please take a minute to read the rules...CLICK HERE

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    he's the biggest gay man I know.... welcome freaky!

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    Welcome over to JM!

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    lol,, Mayo how the hell are you hope all is well, Hit me up if you need help.

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    Welcome aboard bro. I had no idea you were coming over, but very nice of you to join us..

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    Well I know why you call yourself M. FREAKY.....That's a crazy tricep brotha!!


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