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    On TRT - First 'mild' cycle?

    I inquired about GP EQ in another thread and everyone was very helpful. They suggested I go with a more potent dosage, but... GF is concerned with me getting too much test/week for a first "real" cycle.
    Don't be harsh, she's very cool! But unlike her, I want to stay away from 'oral' activities. (no pills)

    I CAN'T balloon/bloat up so fast that it creates a 'Blog'..(media B.S.)
    More than average gains are okay, but nothing toooo bizarre. Just steady, quality gains to be explained as a new radical training program and diet.
    I'm a light frame, Ecto, slight-endo. 45 y/o (Although I pass for under 30). 5' 11", 180 lbs. Weight training 20 years.

    I want to try this for a first light cycle, and I'll see how my body responds.

    The basic plan is this:
    - EQ: 200mg/week - 10 weeks
    - Test Cyp: 250mg/week - 10 weeks

    Should I consider running some Nolva or Proviron during such a cycle? Anything else? Or not?
    PCT...? Many have said not to worry, since I'm on TRT; just go back to the 100mg/week Test cyp.

    Thoughts, suggestions or experiences?
    Thanks !
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    I would suggest a Test only cycle for ur 1st 500mg (250 2xwk) - 10wks

    The amount of weight u gain is going to also depend more on the food u eat - so eat like a madman, if u grow too fast or get water retention hit the cardio + take the nolva -keep an eye on sodium intake also.

    Nolva - I would have some on hand, Proviron would be nice addition from what I have read but I have not used yet
    (it has been know to raise cholesterol levels in some).

    ur correct u do not need PCT just go back to a maintenance dose u may wish to step down - like wk11 drop down to 250mgwk then wk12 go 100mgwk - nothing major u may just feel better.
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    You could run the EQ if you wanted to, but at those doses you wont see any results. You could do what ODB says and will get you what your looking for, but at your age adding the EQ may help with some joint issues that come up. Also like ODB says, you can control your weight by your diet and cardio. More weight more food, to much weight more cardio or back off the amount of food intake.

    500mg weekly divided into two pins, like a Monday-Thursday
    300-400mg EQ weekly divided into two pins, same pin as your Test
    For the PCT just start up your HRT and you'll be fine, I do this myself.

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    Great. Thanks guys!
    Yeah, I forgot about the cholesteral levels/proviron.

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    ya odb is right.. if u wana do the eq too ur gonna need at least 500mg ew for it to be worth it and atleast 15-16 wks.. so yea wait till the next go around on that one bud

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    Thank you Blue, I'll be in touch...
    I've a meeting with another Endo in 2 weeks, so I have time to get things together properly.


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