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    Before supplements whats your planned diet? or workout regiment?

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    Try -> OxyElite pro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sagerboy87 View Post
    I tell all my clients never to step foot on the scale unless i tell them to. Your average joe knows nothing about body fat. They think if they lose weight on the scale, they are losing fat, and if they gain weight on the scale, they are gaining fat. One of the agreements to train with me, is you don't look at your weight for 6 weeks. I even make them look away when i do have them step on the scale. Now i will tell them their body fat every week, as i think its necessary. All in all tho, i can never stress enough to my clent how important diet is. I don't get how ppl go to the gym, then go gorge themselves at burger king or mcd. Now i'm not perfect, and i treat myself sometimes, but even when i eat that crap, i make sure not to destroy my calorie intake for the day.
    I go to gym an gorge myself after to gain weight. I'm not sure why fat people do that? Other then lack of self control.

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    Exercises and good diet effects on you health avoid junks food. Here a blog you read it its all about diet .

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    Hi. Great news! Don't you know this?

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    Just tried to do a google search on Ambiouse. not sure what it is? is it possible its the stuff im using? it looks like a grey balls of recycled papery stuff which is really soft.

    I think that it has alot to do with her weight loss so far. just dont think that it s quite right to use. so will be changing it next year.

    thanks katie


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