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    Dragon Pharma or Quality Direct Labs?

    Im ready to place an order for gear and I need some advice. Both DP and QDL are having great sales but before I make my decision I want to hear from anyone that has experience with either brand. I appreciate your help.

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    Sry I only use hard core labs. Good gear.

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    QDL, It's a great lab and I'm very happy w/ the results. Weight gains - - strength increase. You've got to do the rest, eat well and train like hell. 2 days on 1 day off has been working good for me.

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    Quality Direct!!
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    both solid.. i just heard that dp's vials come a few cc's short.. never heard anything liek that from around here.. but both good quality

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    I thought that also, but I think the vials a slightly bigger around than other vials where the oil goes further to the top like Jintani's, their vial are skinnier. The couple manufacturers I've used do in fact have different shaped vials. DP's are fatter around so fill up to top a little less. I wonder if it's just a misconception because of this. Unless someone emptied a vial straight through to see the ml's

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    I've had nothing but great luck with dragon pharma. Got bloods done recently and my total test was over 3000 off of 500mg/wk

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    Dragon Pharma all the way. Been using for over 6 years now with great results. They do use apricot oil which for some gives them pip but I don't have that issue.

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    Both good, but if principal - find out the best price from one of them.

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    Dragon pharm all day


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