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    You know there are people just like me who are pretty much in our ... start... you're such motivational speakers LOL
    haha well learn from us, listen to your body, if it hurts dont train through it, give it time to heal. Pain is your body telling something is wrong and stop doing it. One of my biggest regrets is not taking better care of my body. Nothing happens over night...........stay in the grind, muscle comes with time.

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    Thanks careyjesus and big1.

    Xamo, just do yourself one big favor, take plenty of time off between cycles to let your endo/htpa fully recover back to as normal as it will be. I know now in the beginning seeing all these changes happen you want to just keep going but soon enough those gains/changes will stop. Then you will cycle less and will need to rely on your natural hormones to retain your muscle mass.


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