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    ProHub with Visa?

    Hey just a quick question for anyone whose dealt with them. Looking at some supps from them since naps is on vaca still. They stated a 2-3 week delivery time when I chatted with them. What Im wondering about is using a visa card to pay for it. Are they g2g? No issues from anyone?

    When I was on chat with them it was almost like talking to a stupid computer. I would ask a question and they would reply asking me one that I already answered. When I finally asked are they serious (in response to re-asking me a question) they answered my previous questions I asked. Didnt really give me a good vibe

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    They are legit, i have used them myself a few times.

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    Cool. Giving them a shot

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    Just go to walmart an load a visa or master card an use that.

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    Used em' - took 4 wks - they're g2g

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    i used prohub before and had a good experience

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    Just got word from WU that the money was never picked up and to come pick the money back up? Anyone else ever have this?

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    Guessing this sponsor is no longer g2g. Getting my cash back

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    Thank for the update

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    They are g2g you just might not have given them enough time to pick it up or followed the directions right so they knew to go pick it up.


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