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Thread: PCT and dosing

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    PCT and dosing

    Hey Folks,
    I was just wondering about Post cycle therapy injectables such as HCG.
    I read on a site that the doses should taper down each week for 3 straight weeks from 4,500IU to 3,000IU and finally to 1,500IU. Im under the impression these are subcutaneous shots done with insulin needles, and as far as I know typically 1cc insulin syringes contain 100 units. Im just confused wether theres a conversion rate or something i'm unaware of. It just doesnt seem correct to use 15cc's of hcg per shot lol. Anybody have any information regarding dosing protocol and delivery or just any other plain old PCT advice, it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!!! JDigz

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    The cycle I'm running is 500mg test cyp per week for 10 weeks, 40mg of Dbol daily for 4 weeks, 400mg boldenone per week for 10weeks then PCT. Just incase this helps in answering my question about pct.

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