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    HELP-I wanna start my first EVER cutting cycle soon, PLZ GUIDE ME

    Hello everyone, I m so glad to have found this site. it looks like the legit real thing and not like all the other BS online. I am 30 year old, never tried any steroid, all I had before is protein shakes, some fat burners and vitamines. I a 5 10, around 180-185 lbs now, I gained some pounds over the summer because I was lifting heavier. I have the mass but I guess I will look great with shredded bod and defined abs. I do lots of cardio, i eat well but I am no that cut. I wanna start a cutting cycle soon maybe in early January. I was told to take clen, winnie, anavar and primo. I found a guy in the Los Angeles area to provide me with that...
    I have SO many questions, since it is late and around my bed time, I will just ask a few now:

    1- How long should the 1st cycle last? and how long between cycles?
    2- Is the stack combination mentioned above typical for cutting and body ripping? Should I include Tren or substitute Primo with Tren?
    3- Where do you guys get your stacks? any legit safe source?
    4- What should be done between cycles? any testosterone damage to the body? is it permanent?

    I will probably have more questions later but I APPRECIATE any help from guys with experience and who have been doing this for while. I am 100% new. Thanks!!!

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    No source talk, brother, but our sponsor is as legit as it gets. Look no further. As far as your cycle goes, if your diet is right and you're doing card, you don't need to stack shit. 500 mg a week of test will give you amazing results. Start with 1 compound and add 1 every cycle if you want to.

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