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Thread: Shoutbox Talk

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    Yes to Sammy gtg on the d" works well

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItalianMuscle View Post
    Gear talk is fine. General chat is fine. We also have other sections available for your gear talk questions. Just no sponsor, ordering information, t/a times, wu information, or soliciting allowed. And this goes for the PM system too. Ive banned members for 2 weeks for doing this, and a few got the permament ban for life.
    i forgot to check back on this thread and am just seeing you response. thanks for making it clear IM!

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    Glad this has been posted, just in the short time I've been a member I've seen that box chat get way out of hand! Cool Beans bro.

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    I thought talking about what time Santa was bringing the presents and what color sleigh he was driving was ok?? You mean I can't tell you how much of what is coming in when?? Geeeezzzz lol lol lol ..................just being funny pls dont ban me......gotta go

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam1976 View Post
    i remember on another board, there was a statement right by the shout box that said something like " no source discussion in the shout box". something like that would be great. i get the feeling the a fair share of our traffic are not regular board users and may not grasp basic board etiquette, let alone realize they aren't supposed to talk about certain topics on the shout box. though i understand the reason to not want such discussion, i wonder if a ban would help in cases like this. so often, the people i talk to at JM, either in the shout box, threads or contact me through PM are people directed here from nap's site and are looking for reassurance that they aren't going to get scammed. maybe a simple sign posted on the shout box would help curb them? on the other hand, in the case of someone directly disobeying...for sure then, yea, i hear you 100% and can get on board with the rule.

    just throwin' it out there...
    I totally agree with sam 100%. It should be written above the chatbox so no1 can say they didn't know or see it. Hope this problem gets resolved fellas cuz our board and sponser are the best

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    Wait i cannot grasp exactly what the shout box is for____ just random questions i assume, that are not quite worth of starting a thread?

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    Most of you are really cool people on here. That being said, it's amazing how people just register on here and the first thing some of them do is ask a ridiculous question in the shout box without ever probably reading a single post/ thread in any of the forums. Some people are so ignorant, selfish, and just have no respect for others.

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    telling someone what kind of needle to use, would be against the rules?

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    Quote Originally Posted by man-united View Post
    telling someone what kind of needle to use, would be against the rules?

    "please keep it to regular conversation, and nothing illegal please." so yes, next time just ask them to start a post.
    The Rules At Juiced Muscle (everyone please read)!!!
    Chat Box Talk And Rules
    No Soliciting Websites In Your Signatures

    Do not mistake my kindness for weakness!

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    thats understandable. Will keep in mind from now on. Thanks
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