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    Make sure to clean the site of injection with alcohol in a circular motion.

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    Thanks for the info. I'm sure some of us who are experienced at this could learn something they didn't know before. I did. Thanks again!

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    So I have a question for you regarding blood after pinning. I never had this issue when my wife shot me in the glutes, maybe a small spot or two of blood that could be wiped and nothing more. My wife didn't like doing it anymore, so I continued my injections myself at work. I am shooting 250-400 mg of Test a week myself with a 23g 1.5 inch needle. I have noticed over the past 8-10 weeks, that when I remove the needle, I get 5-8 nickle sized blood drops on the floor, along with a 3-4 inch trail of blood from the injection site. I usually go in most of the way with the pin, aspirate, and pump if there is no blood. I go slow and smooth on the injection, but except for just a few times, I seem to get blood as described before. I can only think of two things: I am either too tensed on the glute I am injecting into and it is pressurized out the injection hole, or I am moving the needle too much doing it myself and chunking up the meat a bit. Any ideas? Fantastic article by the way, great info! The aspiration step is really key. Also, all my needles are fresh and clean.

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    My first cycle was all oral and I had great gains. My combo was Winstrol and Anadrol. I've taken 3 months off and now it's football season again. I'm real leary of needles but I'm a lot more comfortable after reading this article. For my second cycle I'm going to try one your pre-designed stacks. It's the Athlete Endurance Stack. Does anyone have any experience with this one and is it a good one for football. I'm 22 and I play cornerback and running back.

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    Hi there,

    I was looking for the step by step tutorial like things for injection, You writeups is great and helped me alot.

    Thank you for providing such a informative material.

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    Great article! I'm going to have my wife read this and watch a couple you tubes before she starts playing nurse.

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    Superb instructions on injections and techniques! It is for everyone. Thanks and keep posting things like this.

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    Great information so far!

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    Great reading and helpful also. Thanks and keep it up!


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