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    Building chest question.

    Ive been all over the internet tonight second guessing my chest routine. I was watching some videos of a body builder( I cant remember his name) talking about how decline bench presses utilize more chest without risking shoulder injuries as much as a flat bench would. So awhile back I included the decline bench as one of my major chest workouts and it seems to be going very well. Before my shoulders hurt quite abit from the flat bench and now there completly fine while using the decline. Finally my question is what would be more beneficial to my chest flat bench or decline or could it possibly depend on the person? Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Go to and search "Dorian Yates chest". He discusses this exact issue and I think a 6 time Mr. Olympia is pretty credible. Its a great workout he describes and an enjoyable video to watch.

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    My shoulders had screwed up my bench until I started using the sling shot. I tried using boards on my chest, but I usually work out alone. I use the thing when I bench. I know some might think these things are a little goofey, but it allows me to bench pain free. I'm far from an expert, and would like to know what others think of this thing. I've had rotator cuff issues, and now have been dealing with an ac joint issue since February.

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    If using a straight bar is placing to much stress on your shoulders than try lying dumbbell presses instead. You may find seated chest presses also will help you hit the mark. Whichever you are using as a finishing burn try to include cable flyes as you final movement and really go for the reps to help gorge your pecs full of blood


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