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Thread: Greetings...

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    New to this site, got turned onto it by another good bro. I used to be fairly active on a couple different forums, but after an extended vacation I am back with a vengeance and looking forward to growing and learning from my fellow lifters. Seems to be a lot of good information on this site.

    Just wanted to say stop in and say hello. My best to all of you.

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    welcome, glad you're here bro...

    guys, i helped above10k line up his nutrition and we started training together. he's no stranger to gear and will be going "on" soon. i'll let him fill you in on all of that if he wants. he's got heart and there in lies potential. this works out for me because i can always use motivated training partners to keep me hungry in the gym. we've got a couple months ahead of us of heavy lifting before i have to start dieting down for my march shows.
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    Welcome man, Im real fresh to this site too and look forwarded to learning with and from ya!

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    hey welcome to the site bro hope u enjoy the stay

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    Glad to have ya 10k. You hooked up with the right guy with your training!!

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    Whats up brother! Nice to have another lifter amongst us
    Never mistake kindness for weakness...

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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome...

    Yes, sam1976 has been a tremendous help in my endeavor of returning to the iron. His knowledge of the sport and everything it entails is nothing short of amazing. I'm honored to have his mentorship.

    And yes, I do have a cycle planned coming up here. I'll save that info for a post in the cycle log. But, in the meantime to add to my introduction slightly. I am rapidly approaching my 30's. My history with weights was minimal in my younger years, although I did wrestle throughout high school and competed in BJJ in my 20's. I am around 5'-7'ish and have weighed anywhere from 136lbs to 170lbs in the last few years of my life. I've been training solidly for about 2 years now, but never attempting to put on any real mass. Long story short, I'm getting big again. Bigger actually. And staying I'll post up all the training and cycle info here soon, and I'll update with before/progress/after pics as well when I get the ball rolling. Once again, thanks everyone for the welcome.

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    Welcome brudda..this bored is tight no1 acts critical of others its real friendly here, homey even.. and yea nice choice with pairing up with same some would pay much dinero for that help lol.. good to have ya mayn

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    Welcome to JM bro, glad to have you!!!

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    Welcome to community bro, and stay well!


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