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    Try juicing and eat foods that can boost your metabolism this will help you burn fats faster, I have tried several weight loss supplement before but what really helped me to lose weight is proper diet and regular exercise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xamo View Post
    Oxyelite pro + CLA + L-carnitine here's ur weight loss stack, but yeah... you need a healthy diet.
    yes OxyELITE Protein, help to reduce the fat from the body, i have used this product.

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    Ayurveda has certain Indian remedies for weight loss for them targets the stubborn extra pounds which cannot be reduced with exercise or diet.Effective herbal remedies made from natural ingredients like fresh curry leaves, mint, turmeric, and spices like ginger, cinnamon, black pepper are very good medicinal herbs for weight loss
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    Natural things are always good.

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    Diet and Lifestyle: You need to follow a lifestyle as prescribed by the experts.

    Avoid high carbohydrates like potato, polished, rice.
    Increase intake of fruits and salads
    Avoid oily and spicy foods drink of lukewarm water with lime
    Use of powdered cum seeds, coriander leaves salt and ginger powder with outer milk should be recommended.
    Yoga: Following that, specific yoga postures can give you good results in reducing body weight. They have to done under the supervision of yoga gurus initially.

    Surya Namaskar
    This is more effective if performed with Pranayam and kapalbharti. Brisk walk of 30 minutes in the morning helps in burning of excessive fat of the body.
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