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    Male Weight Loss and Supplements -- NEED HELP!

    Hi! My name is Robbie and I am brand new to this website and forum. I'm 5'7 and 280 lbs. -- starting PROJECT NEW ME (HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHANGE)! I have tried Clen and T3 in the past, but due to borderline high blood pressure I would get chronic headaches and elevated blood pressure when on the supplement. I also purchased the product from so not even sure if it was a fake or real supplement -- it is so much information out there and to the average person it is very overwhelming if you don't know where to look. I am wondering about taking T4, of course, with clean eating, exercise (cardio) and supervised weight training. I want to increase my fat burning and take it to the next level. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    Lynchburg, VA

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    Hi Robbie,
    Many people has tried different products and supplements in the market but nothing has resulted them good the only reason behind this is they are not able to maintain their diet and exercise any Weight loss program will contain diet and exercise if you will not follow this then there is no chance of losing weight. I will recommend you to follow a strict routine of diet and exercise which will help you to lose weight. You have to be very strict and stop your unwanted eating habit and other unhealthy food such as snacks, chips, fast foods etc. If you will continue this for period you don’t have to take any weight loss supplement.

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    Oxyelite pro + CLA + L-carnitine here's ur weight loss stack, but yeah... you need a healthy diet.

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    I am a rep on a few site for natural supps, CLA isnt something ive seen people say helps. Its good to include for you diet but isnt nearly as effective as carnitine or caffine for weight loss.

    Oxy Elite pro, Alpha T2, N2Burn, etc etc. but a solid diet comes first, otherwise everything else is going to do nothing.

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    Been at this about a year in a half.. Learning how to eat is your first step to weight loss... I was 265 and dropped to 214 and rebounded to 222 and plateaued.
    My body locked down and I could not loose any more. WHY??? Cause I didn't know how to eat... All I can tell ya is your in the right place to learn.
    Read and read a lot. You got some great people here that will tell u what you don't want to hear but there right. Pay attention to details. Now
    I'm not only loosing fat but I'm now gaining both strength and size each month from eating right and lots of it.. Patents Grasshoper.
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    I was @ 248lbs and am 6'1" tall a few years back. I was uneducated about the use of aas and decided to take oral tren to help burn fat. I dropped down to 206lbs after taking it for 2 months on a 3 week on it 3 weeks off then 3 weeks on. So 9 weeks total. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE! The weight loss was great but I paid for it. After over a month I still had no libido. None zero zip my friend was just hanging in the wind. I also did no pct after the tren because I didn't know better. It took running a cycle of test to get function back to that very important organ and following a proper pct. I'm sharing this only as an effort to get people to realize that going into the world of aas without educating yourself completely is a bad idea. Yes I lost weight and yes I was able to get things back to normal but I wouldn't do it again for anything. These are serious compounds that we are using and should be respected as such. EDUCATE EDUCATE then EDUCATE yourself some more before you jump into this then wait and educate some more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manonmac1 View Post
    These are serious compounds that we are using and should be respected as such. EDUCATE EDUCATE then EDUCATE yourself some more before you jump into this then wait and educate some more.
    Oh hell ya ... You said a lot right there.
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    Robbie - T3 or T4 - no matter or concern - forget that for Now - short cuts and taking the easy route is what gets us in these spots.

    Set urself short term, mid term + long term goals. for example;
    - set a short term goal like removing or changing 1 item in your diet (each week)

    - mid term goal of getting ur BP down (this can be accomplished by diet + loosing weight but ur focusing on a dif issue - not just focused on weight loss) - perhaps at this point as u have achieved ur goal u could reward urself by doing a short Clen or T3 or T4 cycle?

    - long term goal of lowering bodyfat percentage - many of us could give a fuck what the scale says its BF%

    also set workout + cardio goals - and share those goals with a family member or close friend, this puts more pressure on u to stick to it and accomplish them.

    if u where going to drive to the next state u would not just jump in u r car + start driving? guessing which direction or stopping en route to ask directions?
    u would get directions from mapquest + plan the trip
    - same thing here set ur steps to get to ur destination.
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    I just keep my carbs low and down handfulls of bronkaid. Caff
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    On One Hand: Take the Natural Approach

    So many natural supplements on the market today seem like money-making schemes. However, reports that green tea supplements are scientifically proven to help users lose weight. Green tea contains epigallocatechin, which increases the body's metabolism. A Dutch study involving placebos proved that men who supplemented their diet with green tea were less likely to gain back lost weight.
    On the Other: Take the Bodybuilder's Approach

    Bodybuilders need to reduce fat while maintaining muscle mass. recommends a product called BSN Cheaters Relief as a dietary supplement for active men. BSN Cheaters Relief is both a fat blocker and a carb blocker, meaning it fights weight gain on two fronts. However, bodybuilding supplements must be combined with rigorous exercise to be fully effective.
    Bottom Line

    Choose a product that matches your lifestyle. If you're already very active, and a workout routine is a part of your daily regimen, then bodybuilding supplements may be an effective route to take. If you're less active and you're looking for a way to boost your resting metabolism, green tea supplements are a good choice for you.
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