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Thread: Rxprohub?

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    Any body use these guys for anything besides PCT? I so, how was it?

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    They are great. Highly recommend them.
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    I've only used them for pct/hcg. This was a little while back, but the products were very legit.

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    I have used them before. My order actually never arrived. Pretty sure I sent about 1000 emails. I was getting some replys at first and then Zero.

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    Don't they just deliver locally in Canada for gear? Not the U.S.?

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    Figured they were a sister site to our sponsor. Gonna prolly find another source. These guys are having too many issues.

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    i remember alot of people saying that it was near impossible to get in touch with them.. also complaints about packs not arriving.. im not sure if that has changed but that has been the jyst of the last few months as i remember it. they are still our sponsor so i dont nkow how true those posts were i would think they would be legit if we kept them aboard. cheers.

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    been good to me in the past

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    Always been good.

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    I just received blue hearts from them, took about 3 weeks to get in I'll keep y'all posted.
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