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Thread: hello gents

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    hello gents

    whats up guys. good to be here. i usually post at OLM. i'll be around, trying to help out answer questions if needed and i'm spending a little time here,
    at naps live chat.

    if there is anything i can help you out with, let me know.


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    Cool...Always have questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omni View Post
    Cool...Always have questions.
    cool. me too. thats what i love about the boards. no matter how much i've gotten, there is always more to learn.

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    welcome sam.i see you on OLM once in a while...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocco-x View Post
    welcome sam.i see you on OLM once in a while...
    hey rocco. good to see you here! yep, i'm over there all the time. honestly, i spend way more time reading that board than any one person should, lol! it's great though. like i was saying, you can just learn more and more.

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    welcome !!!


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