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    I'm in the Army and all my unit is worried about is me being able to run 5 miles, not getting any bigger. I'm just looking for any advice on supplements and such to get bigger while still being able to run long distance. Any advice is appreciated.

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    EAT BIG! Take protein and lots of carbs.
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    Backagain has hit the nail on the head. problem with running so much is that you are going to burn the calories you would need to grow. the answer, as he suggests, is simply eat more food. you will have to eat enough that you will have enough calories, above and beyond your running to still nurture new muscle gains. i am in a similar situation. my job is very physical. if i dont keep on top of my nutrition and do everything i can to hold size...let alone grow
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    my buddy at the gym is on the olympic bobsled third team. he has periods of time in which he is tested on his running times, verticals, 40's ect. anyways he started the year at 220 and dropped down to 210. couldnt keep energy, couldnt keep weight needed for his weight training so i told him to buy Up your Mass. ive used this 3 times and each time i have gained over 15 pounds. in 3 scoops you get 800 calories and like 50 grams protein, with whole milk, raw oats, and a banana its over 1,000 calories! the best part is that this drink mixes super thin and can be consumed in a few gulps. try it out im pretty sure you will like it. doesnt make you full and gives you everything you need. you may feel a little bloated and if that happens mix with water, you will still get over 800 calories from a small drink.


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