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    Thanks for the good information. F.I.S.T. that's why I love this forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by F.I.S.T. View Post
    bump for gymdad.
    Got it F.I.S.T read and will defiantly be trying this soon!!!!


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    You're welcome taco4jj.Glad you liked it.

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    Great gymdad.I look forward to your progress with it.

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    I look forward to hearing your experience with it.I personally prefer drol over dbol due to better gains in mass and strength from drol but have had success with dbol as well.Dbol does produce results for everyone though so im sure you'll have a good run with it.

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    ive used injectable dbol...i pinned only on workout days 50mg preworkout and had great results. ive used the oral to but that shit messes up my stomach

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    Sorry to hear about that jimmycracker.Well not sure about the injectable but for the orals,Make sure to take it with a meal and not on an empty stomach.Many times for some, this can happen when you don't take it with food.Dbol is best utilized with a meal which not only makes it more effective but can also reduce or eliminate sides such as that you described.
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