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    3 paragraphs down in "dosage does" it says test should not be used at this point. From my reading here test is stressed as the base of every cycle seems to contradict unless I'm missing something which is likely appreciate any response

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    i doubt the half-life is 5 hours, i still feel dbol in my system after like 12+ from 25mg dose. agression and strenght are still there.

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    Wow there's a dude in the blog section that should probably read this..he's at something like 100mg/day........the first comment in blog was. You're not gonna live to long kinda funny but not really

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    awesome post this is a great read on such a basic AAS
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    good info thanks

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    I agree with fe203man, seems that some info does contradict.Reminds me of a comment I heard that mentioned "always best to try it out yourself then trusting word of mouth"

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    its a great post as more information better it is. But if even at 10mg test levels drop to 30-40% i don't understand why its said that test is not required?

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    Dbol is the bomb lol love the stuff
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    bump for gymdad.


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