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    I have two things I do.

    First thing

    The best thing that works for me.


    Is the tanning bed.

    It feels kind of unmanly going into the place. But not only does it keep pimples away. The heat from bed itself is pure back therapy for me. When I get out. My back doesn't hurt. I go after I leave the gym.

    Plus. Having a tan is nice.

    That's just what works for me. If you haven't tried it. I would tell you to give it a shot.

    What causes the pimples, is the sweat once it dries. It gets bacteria. Plus having oily skin...that mixture is not good.

    When you get in tanning bed, you will notice when you get out. All of the sweat that gets cooked out of you is in a puddle on the bed. Gross!.

    But it Keeps your pores clean.

    Then, go home and take a shower. Use some good moisturizing lotion. Stay cool and fresh, and stay pimple free.

    But, with something that gives you an advantage, their are always side effects. Skin Cancer. But people with dark hair and eyes don't have to worry about it as much as people with lighter colored hair and lighter colored eyes. That's a fact by statistics, by the way.

    PS, leave the FANS OFF in the bed. You want to cook out all of that garbage in your pores. This works for me, and it has worked for everybody I have talked into doing it. You wont be disappointed.

    As soon as I stop going. I get White, and BAM, here comes the pimples. Sucks!, all over my back, shoulders, face, and even on parts of my arms.

    Right now, I have very few noticeable, and smooth looking skin.. Some small black heads on my nose, that are normal.

    Second Thing

    I mix up Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, with a bunch of baking soda. That is what I use on my face and shoulders.

    Pumice is way to fat. It just scrapes your face up, and it is for people with big big pores.

    Baking Soda is very fine, and it will get in your pores and clean that stuff out. Plus, the baking soda that gets stuck in your pores, keep them sanitary.

    I do not know why it is not on the market. They put baking soda in everything else.

    I am working on another baking soda laced formula now. I have a poor mans copyright on it too.

    any kind of Baby shampoo will work. No harsh perfumes in it. If its safe enough for a baby. It is good for your face. The soda scrubs and absorbs.

    If you saw me right now. You would think I was one of those naturally tan people with great skin who just never gets pimples. Not true at all. I get them bad without these two techniques.

    after this starts working for many of you. Maybe you can vote this Post of the Month!
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    Guys, no matter what you do there will be acne involved with running injectables. Fact of the matter is you are injecting oil into your body and that oil has to go somewhere. That somewhere is through the pores which will become clogged. Best of luck gentlemen.

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    When I heard about this did not take it seriously but was amazed by it. rub down with pepto bismol and let dry before shower 1 or 2 times a day depending on how bad.
    Try it before u laugh.

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    There is some good info on here. Thanks to all for their contributions.

    I have used sea salt a few ways and it works great. It works as an exfoliant to remove dead or weak/dying cells, it also dries up the oils and helps remove them, and it tightens up the skin. If you don't mind getting a massage, you can go and get a sea salt rub and they do your entire body. Great stuff and relaxing too.

    That being said, I use vitamin E, sea salt in the shower and the spa and a facial scrub from neutrogena. This combination has done wonders for me and has enabled me to avoid meds.

    I'm just over 40 and lifting since I was 16. Many cycles under my belt and this has worked for me. I hope it does for you too.

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    Used to have severe acne when i was in high school.My doctor prescribed accutane and i ran it for 6 took about 2 months after my course was over for the scars to go away but it completely cleared my face.Now it doesnt matter what AAS im running i never get acne.I think if you have acne or you are prone to it,it could be worth running a full course of accutane to get rid of the acne problem

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    Only place I ever had ance was was on my face. I try to get my face washed, especially after a workout & going to the tanning bed helps a lot.


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