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    I haven't read all of this thread but here are some options that work very well, are inexpensive yet effective and you don't need a doc.

    1. Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid). Use between 2g and 10g a day. Start low and see if you need more. This will work on severe acne. You can buy bulk powder for like$35 or buy in caps and find cheap deals. It's very effective and this causes no harm using even higher amounts. It's also good for lowering cholesterol.

    2. Antibiotics. Tetracycline or any cycline 500mg to 1000mg daily will be effective. You don't want to use long term but it will clear your acne.
    You don't need a script for this. Get on amazon and search for it. It's sold as aquatic antibiotics but they are pharmacy grade and very safe.

    3. Any 10% benzo cream

    4. Apple cider vinegar topically and orally. You can get tabs and the liquid.

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    Sam -

    Thought i would post something up, Ive just finished my cycle and like clockwork out comes the acne about 3 weeks after I finish. It was all over my shoulders and back and painful as hell. I got myself an exfoliator, face scrub and 20 minutes of sunbed vouchers. i would get the gf to exfoliate my back head off to the sunbeds and exfoliate before bed within 6 days it was all gone.......... it was like a miracle cure and I have suffered like hell with acne. Maybe theirs a simple solution for you all. I think the sunbed drys the acne out and the exfoliating gets rid of the oil and shite inside.
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    OC it sounds as if running aromisin thru your pct would help some with preventing acne if your not already.

    And many docs are now scripting topical antibiotics. Specifically clindamyacin and that is used in combination with the benzo peroxide cream.

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    Wow Sam! I asked you for some threads to look at and you created a gold mine! It's going to take some time to find out what works for me.
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    I broke out like hell as soon as I came off. All over my back/shoulders/chest and somewhat on my face. It seems to be letting up now. I'm around 8-10 weeks post cycle. I'm doing everything short of accutane to keep this under control. In the past tanning beds helped out a ton with acne but I ended up getting melanoma so that's out the window now.

    Do any of you guys have experience with tapering off? I've read online of a few guys saying tapering off test helps prevent breakouts. I plan on trying it next cycle.

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    everything is the shit to prevent acne. don't use simple carbs in your diet, don't eat spicy food like chilli/pepper, dont eat chocolate etc.

    wonderful are yeast dissolved in boiling water. of course to drink.

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    Hey sam I just got generic,india accutane from running 80mg a day...I was hoping you would know if the generic accutane I received from naps works...I want to start my third cycle but I can't until I get my acne under control since my first two cycles made me break out really bad especially on my jaw line and neck...any info about naps accutane would be so so appreciated bro...

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    Quote Originally Posted by elevate View Post
    Do any of you guys have experience with tapering off? I've read online of a few guys saying tapering off test helps prevent breakouts. I plan on trying it next cycle.
    I used to pyramid because it would greatly help my acne issue. I get it bad, any change in hormone levels. Acne is caused by unstable hormonal levels. This is why you get it during puberty. I have battled with it and just figured it out. I used to think it was caused by my T levels changing but it was because of estrogen/progesterone. I tried everything, ran accutane 2 times, antibiotics, washes, topicals, ect, ect. I have to run .25mgs of letro and 1/2mg of prami right from the start now and I dont have to taper anymore. Key to acne is controling your estrogen right from the start, not letting your hormones get out of control.
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    i have had a big problem with acne in the past. after i just went on my first test 400 cycle, my acne was terrible. in high school i was on accutane which worked amazing for the stubborn back acne i had. since i knew i was prone to acne, i knew going on this test cycle wasnt going to be fun. i had used retin-a micro, which did irritate my skin a good amount. i bought the otc treatment called ACNETAME from amazon since it was cheaper than the NTBM site (sorry). it worked well at first but when the test kicked in, nothing really seemed to help me. the thing that worked the best for me was a cream called Epiduo. It is a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, and 0.1% adapalene. after looking into what adapalene was, i read that it helps keep the pores clean. washing my face 2 to 3x a day helped. also, use a light OIL free lotion such as the green tea moisturizer from pro-activ, or their daily oil control gel. when your skin is super dried out, your body counter-acts the dryness by producing more oil, which is why you should always use a little bit of moisturizer.

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    Proactive body wash works pretty good. But ya accutane is amazing stuff. Dryed my lips an eyeballs out pretty bad thou.


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