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    very interesting

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    Insulin is great with insulin. Unless you're going for pro, the risk (death) not worth the reward.
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    Is insulin the last stop in the non-natural supplement world? Or can it be used by beginners at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arch View Post

    Is insulin the last stop in the non-natural supplement world? Or can it be used by beginners at all?
    insulin is NOT for any beginner, i would even say no to most intermediate lifters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arch View Post

    Is insulin the last stop in the non-natural supplement world? Or can it be used by beginners at all?
    yea you have to know exactly what you're doing with it and ideally use it with gh and ass together to see good results. also, its not good for a lot of guys, no matter what their level is, simply because it makes a lot of people just plain FAT
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    What type of glucose do y'all suggest to use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayDiesel View Post
    Ok, so after talking to some professional and elite bodybuilders, I have learned quite a bit about what a well known professional trainer is having these bodybuilders to do to obtain the retarded amounts of weight they have been added to their bodies. It's simply taking their insulin pre-workout, combined with 3 "shakes". I looked at this Insulin protocol, and the ingredients in the shakes, and designed my own Insulin Protacol to better suit my goals and routine. I use better quality of ingredients in my shakes, and added my HGH pre-workout, and igf-1lr3 post workout as well.

    Now, the theory behind this insulin protocol is, "Why break the body down, only to rebuild it? When you can simply keep adding onto the Body!"

    So basically, by forcing the carbohydrates and Essential Amino Acids into your muscles while you train, the muscle tissue is not breaking down in the same manner that they normally would. It is actually being both protected and forced to grow at the same time. I have not done too much research behind the theory, but it sure sounded good to me, based on what I know about enhancing drugs and supplementation. I prefer trying things out myself, and going by results. Well, the results were spectacular.

    Before I begin, I want to say that this typed out protocol is just a base. It is to give you a base to work from/with. Everybody is different. Some people will need more or less carbs and amino acids. This is based on the amount of insulin that they are using and how their bodies react. This is why I gave a range for the supplements and insulin doses. You will need to adjust it based on how you react. For the carbohydrates, always start high, and lower it accordingly, once you get the feel of it.

    We start off by taking our HGH, and give it a few minutes to get circulating, before we add our insulin. The idea behind this, is to make sure that the HGH passes the liver while we have a substantial amount of insulin in the body. This is how we produce large IGF-1 spikes. After the workout, we go home and take our IGF-1LR3. We are taking this to increase our insulin sensitivity, and to help use up any of those receptors that we have not filled. I could go more into detail, but if you are using this protocol, you should already know all about the drugs, and should be able to put it together yourself.

    - -30 min prior to workout: Take 10iu HGH subq

    - -15 min prior to workout: Take 6-16iu Novalog subq

    - -10 min prior to workout: Drink shake #1

    - -After every working set: Sip on shake #2, and finish by end of workout

    - -Go home

    - -Take 100mcg of the IGF-1lr3 (for it's insulin sensitizing effects)

    - -Take down shake #3

    - you are huge

    Ok, now what is in the shakes...

    Shake 1: 10-20g EAA's or PeptoPro, 40-60g Low DE Maltodextrin, 5g Micronized Creatine Monohydrate, 200mg Caffeine (or pre-workout powdered mix of choice in place of caffeine)

    Shake 2: 10-20g EAA's or PeptoPro, 50-100g Dextrose, 5g Micronized Creatine Monohydrate

    Shake 3: 2 cups pasteurized egg whites, 1 cup dry oats, 1 banana or 1 cup blueberries (I prefer them to be frozen), splenda or stevia

    *There is no need for a supplemented post workout shake because your glycogen will not be depleted, and you will have been ingesting aminos the whole time too. So dense whole food calories with low fat content, are going to be the best option here. So we throw it in a blender and take it down.

    Now, I would like to advise you cheap-skates, not to go out and buy the cheapest ingredients that you can find. Please pick quality supplements. It does and will make a difference. Spend the extra 2$ and buy some quality shit, or your results may be skewed. Thinks about it this way: Your body is a Lamborghini. Would you fill your tank with low grade octane from Costco? No, of course not, it would run like shit. So use quality supplements, not bulk junk crap, and your results will be that much better!

    Supplement idea for those of you who need to be pointed in the right direction:

    EAA's: Champion Nutrition makes a good EAA product that has creatine in it, and also one that has caffeine too. It's called Amino Shooter. There are 3 versions. None are a proprietary blend, and they are made with pharmacy grade aminos.

    PeptoPro: This can be used in place of the EAA's. It is a high quality peptide/EAA product made from hydrolyzed casein. Different companies buy PeptoPro and flavor it. One brand I have tried that is flavored is MAP by Primordial Performance.

    Low DE Maltodextrin: This means Low Dextrose Equivalency. The lower the equivalence, the more complex of a chain it is, and the slower it will break down into a sugar. A couple good ones are Carb Complex by Nutek, and Cytocarb 2 by Cytosport. If corn maltodextrins give you stomach problems, then other water soluble carbohydrates like Karbolyn can work. They just tend to be expensive, and do the same exact thing. Some people that have used this protocol with success, have actually used dextrose in place of the maltodextrin due to stomach problems.

    Dextrose: Yes, you can find this anywhere, but I prefer AST's DGC because it also contains vitamins.

    Micronized Creatine Monohydrate: Well, the name says it all. Any brand that uses Creapure as the source of their creatine monohydrate, should be just fine. I use Bioplex.

    *Do not use cheap starch carbs, like waxy maize, in the shakes. The carbs need to be water soluble and easily digested. By keeping them soluble, they help pull the aminos in.

    I decided to throw this protocol together after I had my leg surgery, in hopes of gaining some abnormal amounts of muscle back that I had lost. I can tell you that I did, and this protocol works better than any protocol I have ever used. I started off at 204 - 205lb, and ended up at 234 after 4-5 weeks! I was taking anabolics on the side, but I guarantee that amount of insane weight, that fast, was not from the long estered steroids I was taking. I literally filled out instantly. When I dropped the insulin, I only lost a few pounds of water, and retained most, if not all, of my strength. So the gains were very solid, and not just a bunch of glycogen storage.

    So, there it is boys. Some people are paying big money for this type of info. It's nothing special. It's just different, but it makes sense and it works.

    *Added note: Since this protocol was designed and posted, a handful of advanced users have tried it as part of their bulking regime. They have also had great success.

    Thanks to Mutant from basskilleronline for this

    This was an awesome read! I thank you dude for posting this as its hard to find some info on the forums at time in this kind of detail.
    I am currently 3 weeks out from my next contest and im trying to piece together my rebound protocol.
    I started my diet at 214lbs and im down around 190lbs right now.
    I used insulin in small amounts during my off season and into the 1st phase of my pre contest diet.
    Im looking to achieve a really smart and tactical rebound approach and having used insulin for the last year roughly I know what that baby can do.
    I will be paying alot of attention to my calf training post show by training them at the start of my workouts.
    I have a few questions as to how I should maybe approach this insulin protocol if you could give me some tips....?

    HGH will not be used after my contest as ive spent alot of it so far. I will just be using Novo rapid insulin.
    My complex carbs post workout that I usually have is vitargo which has always worked well for me so I see no reason to change.
    Pre workout I should have some low GI carbs
    10mins before workouts lets say roughly for the time being 4iu
    using the 10g carb rule per 1iu im guessing to try atleast 40-50g of vitargo and 20g bcaas intra workout
    finish workout.
    (another 4iu or would this be considered overkill and down right stupid?) if another 4iu is took then 40-50g vitargo and protein blend
    1hr - 1.5hr later complex carb meal and proteins

    Thanks for any feedback guys, im willing to learn as much info as I can!

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    Yes u can use insulin with out gh and put on size . i use tren in my cycles and up cardio if not it can make u fat

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    Thanks @Jay Diesel for posting this and others for contributing.

    Very excited to try this out. This is really the first post i have read about this approach. That being instead of breaking down the muscle, adding to it.

    I started a mini version

    3iu Somatropin 30 mins prior

    Bcaas plus caffiene, nitro supplement, plus fruit

    5Iu Humalog 15 mins prior

    Carb workout drink, with BCAAs, plus meal replacement bar while working out.

    IGF DES 100 mcg split bi laterally in the parking lot or locker room.

    Train hard and gtfo!

    Wake up and do another 3ius hgh. Sometimes peg mgf, if i can time it right or on off days.

    Got my AAS that I'm running to. I can definitely say i looked extremely full last night even hours after training.

    Can't wait till last of supps come in and i can go full bore!
    My Dextrose and Cytocarb are the last 2 to arrive.

    I can see BIG possibilities with this.

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    Edit :

    Moved up to fill protocol since supps came in, but only 6 IU insulin and 6IU HGH, since starting this protocol weighed in today 12lbs heavier, sure some water but no fat increase even with insulin intake.

    Getting used to this much food/shake intake before workout was hardest part but less than 30 days in and 12lbs heavier is hard to argue with.

    Thanks again
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