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    1-Test (DHB) + Deca + Sust?

    Quick question: Would you include the 1-Test?

    Proposed: (8 weeks)

    Wk 1-8: Deca 400mgs/wk
    Wk 1-8: Sustanon 250/wk
    Wk 1-8: DHB 200/wk???

    Wk 3, 6: HCG 500mcgs/wk
    Wk 11: Standard Clomid PCT --nolvadex makes my hair fall out :/

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    1-test cyp, the injectable, right? not 1test to the oral.

    as far as 1-test cyp, it is more of a mild compound. it is amazing IMO, maybe one of my favorite compounds now, but at 200mg, you will get nothing out of it. 400mg would be the minimal to use per wk. second, it takes very long to start working. you may get no effect for the first 4-6 wks. because of that, you would want to run it longer, IMO, it souldnt be run for less than 16 wks.

    about the rest of your cycle....i would personally raise your test to 500mg. at 250mg with 400mg of deca, you may (i certainly would) experience erectile disfunction and overall libido issues.

    about your PCT, thats interesting about the nolvadex. so you've found that clomid stops hair loss, huh? interesting.
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    Very interesting. Thanks for the words Sam.

    I haven't run any deca before but have read copious amounts on the deca-dick issues. I'll bump up the T. And prob best to drop the 1-Test cyp for this cycle as I don't want to run this next cycle that long.

    Regarding the Nolva and hairloss, completely makes mine fall out. Just lucky I guess. (But it IS a first-line chemo-therapy drug, isn't it?)

    And I wouldn't say the Clomid stopped it. But ceasing the Nolva, my hair stopped shedding within a day or two. I switched to Clomid just in case for the last week 1/2.
    It was unreal. Between the Nolva and the Primo cycle I ran, my hair got pretty beat up.

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    Also run your test at least 2 weeks longer than Deca is recommended


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