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    Day 21

    This is my weekly update for week three of my cycle. First off, I want to start off talking about my diet. For the most part, I've been following my diet pretty good. I actually see and feel a difference, and it has only been three weeks. They say it takes 4 weeks for someone to notice the change to your body, and it will take you six weeks to notice it yourself. I'm fortunate that it's not the case for me. Anyways, I took Mom out to IHOP this morning. I decide that this is something I would like to do every Saturday with her. I rarely eat at IHOP, but she likes it. Before we went, I looked at the menu online, and I was disappointed. I couldn't find anything with high protein and low calories. They have protein pancakes, which I thought about getting. The pancakes had 37g of protein; however, they also were 660 calories. After about thirty minutes, I decided to order the chicken fajita omelet. What turned me on was the fact it had 74g of protein. It was definitely a cheat meal. I'm going to see how I respond to this. If it doesn't hurt me too much, I'll do it again next Saturday. I mean, one cheat meal should be okay. I just don't want to bloat up because I'm taking compounds in relatively high dosages that are notorious for water retention. Also, my appetite is greater this week than it was last week. I may incorporate an extra chicken breast for dinner this week.

    I would like to mention something that I noticed yesterday (Friday). I aggravated my left elbow doing reverse curls. It was to the point that I couldn't fully extend my arm without pain. Yesterday, the pain was GONE! My elbow feels fine. My elbow brace came in, and I used it this morning, but truthfully, I could have trained my Back without it. Not only my Back, but my shoulder joints feel amazing. I can rotate my shoulder, and it's so comfortable. When I did WG Pull-Ups and behind-the-neck LAT Machine, I didn't have any discomfort in my shoulder what-so-ever. I want to go ahead and say that Deca is responsible for this. So, on Day 20, I had joint relief that was NOTICEABLE.

    Last time I took GP Test E, it took 37 days for it to show up in the gym. That's 16 days from now. Maybe it could show up sooner because I'm taking 750mg this time around instead of 500mg. I have notice my sex drive is up right now. It has actually been up all week. It's super easy to get aroused... I was talking to my girl at work, and I started to get hard, and she didn't even touch me. We weren't even talking about anything sexual. We haven't had sex yet; we just started seeing each other. We have plans next Friday, so we'll see what happens. I've been doing myself every night because I get so damn horny. Well, I just believe this to be the early sign of Test E, maybe Proviron, or both.

    Dbol, Dbol, Dbol, guys, this is one hell of a compound. I'm so happy that I'm not getting the lower back pumps or the bloat yet; however, the strength is there! I'm getting stronger every day. I'm not getting insane pumps yet, but my shoulders get pumped. The funny thing about it that I get a shoulder pump, and it's not even Shoulder Day. It's crazy. I like the look too. My muscles are full looking...especially my delts and traps. I took a picture Day 1, and I'm going to take another when I'm done with Dbol, and I'll post the pictures up, so ya'll can see for yourselves.

    Okay, my chest wasn't sore this week, so I'm going to change from DBs to BBs. I haven't worked out chest with a barbell since October. I'm going to start with 175 and go from there.

    I finished my first vial of Test E last Wednesday, and I had to get the remainder cc from a new vial. I'm going to have to order another vial of Test because I only gotten 8.5 cc out of a 10cc vial. I'm going to order another Deca vial too. I'm not changing the duration of the cycle; it's still a 16 week cycle.

    I weigh myself tomorrow morning. As of last Sunday, I'm up 3lbs.
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    Day 22

    On Leg Press, I hit 630 for ten, so I went up 90lbs. 720 was too much. Next week, it's going to be 640lbs. If I hit ten, it will be 650lbs. So on and so forth...
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    Day 23

    More than likely, I'm going to do DBs instead of BB for just the Incline Bench. It feels like I'm going to injure my left shoulder on every rep. I can't risk it.
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