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    Primo/Var & Extra Hairloss

    So, I'm rolling with a primo/var stack and have noticed WAY more hairloss than when I was on sustanon and Dbol.

    I take 2.5mg finasteride everyday... It really stopped the hairloss when I was taking the sustanon / dbol.

    But because primo and anavar are both essentially DHT with a swapped O at the 2nd position, is this the equivalent of filling my body up with pure DHT, going right around the alpha5-reductase conversion process that finasteride blocks??

    (for those who dont know, finasteride prevents testosterone from down-converting to DHT by inhibiting the enzyme that does the converting. But if what you're injecting is ALREADY DHT, there's nothing to inhibit. It's already DHT and it's up in your body.)

    600 primo / wk
    80mg var / day

    31 yr old dude
    eat well / train right

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    u r correct, only thing i can suggest is trying nizoral shampoo. it contains keto...canazole or some shit, which is a topical dht blocker. its worth a try, you can find it at cvs/rite aid/walgreens/etc for around $15-$20 a bottle. the stuff in the stores is 1% non prescription strength. if you want the prescription strength 2%, you can find it online
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    Dude shave it now and where it proud!! That is of course if you have the proper head to be bald lolol

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    My head is friggin SQUARE! And it'll be shinny. I'm so pissed... Imma grab some of that shampoo tho.

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    Well I guess there are sides to the "no sides stack"!

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    Replace one of those with Clen. With your stats you should still see good results if you continue to eat and train right. A lil overkill on the DHT derived stack.

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    Wife has also started losing hair on
    10mg ed anavar, 100mg ew primo
    have since dropped anavar, changed to 150mg ew DEca

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    A combination of nizoral + minoxidil is very good at keeping the hairline..... (dirt cheap)

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    that link shows kirkland signature brand, isnt that costco brand?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PushinWeight View Post
    that link shows kirkland signature brand, isnt that costco brand?
    Don't really know what you mean, but i searched on google and showed me your there something wrong with that?

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