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Thread: "tiatropin"???

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    Allegedly rHGH. Label says "TIAtropin" Not "TAItropin" got it from another well-known source (who ships FAST...too fast?)

    Anyone heard of or tried this stuff? Blue tops. Labels rinse right off in water. Stuff is hard to dissolve quickly. I'm assuming totally fake?

    If you google Taitropin, it's everywhere. Even that source's site says "Taitropin"-- only the labels On the bottles they shipped me read TIAtropin.

    I hate getting ripped off.

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    I thought I heard these were the new Kigs under new name? I may be wrong or they were wrong.
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    Your tops should have the word taitropin stamped on them do they?? I betcha they don't by the sounds of things you got some fakes bro
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    Dude I paid 350 $ for 10 ml of test back when I was 22 now that's a rip off
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    fake fake fake.

    - The stuff gave me a rash.
    - I did 10 ius of nutrasweet a day and got no HGH-related sides.
    - The idiots misspelled the name of the actual product on their inkjet-printed labels. It's "TAItropin" not "TIAtropin"
    - They left the batch# and expiration date fields blank, but printed those words on the labels anyway.
    - The labels rinse right off.
    - They come in unmarked blue tops in a plain white box
    - The powder inside doesn't dissolve very easily unless you really shake and stir. Like spirolina.

    Just FYI, I think y'all know who the scammers are. They have a number you can call on their homepage. They take credit cards. Ship insanely fast. Like 4 days. And provide the finest quality artificial sweetener money can buy. H-1 is a NO GO despite their GLOOOOOWING reviews on the main review boards (that they obviously paid someone inside a lot of money to control). Stay away.

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    Bro i feel bad for you.........for starters man theres no way you should be shaking the vials.....a little swirl maybe but no shaking it destroys the (HGH) of course when your starting with something else i guess theres no GH to destroy......Sucks man I think you should name the site so none of the other members get taken for a ride (check with a mod first if its ok to call them out so you dont get in trouble)

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    But what about the TAItropin? Any good. Those who got bunk kigs are being offered the TAIs as a replacement. How is one to know this in not crap as well.

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    Sounds like another re-labeled bluetop generic. Stick to whats been proven good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItalianMuscle View Post
    Sounds like another re-labeled bluetop generic. Stick to whats been proven good!
    Yeah, Too much of this shit going around. I know I bitch about NAPS shipping however its probably the only one id go to for HGH as you know itd be real..........
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