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Thread: Proviron

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    Quote Originally Posted by F.I.S.T. View Post
    Many guys have used Prov as a bridge between cycles to help hold onto their gains and have had great success with it.A lower dose of say 50-75mg ed will make a good bridge until your next cycle.
    Very nice addition during or as a bridge to any cycle!
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    Im just using 25mg per day of this and just started a test/tren cut and my nuts are a swinging low lol - love proviron lol

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    I could be wrong, but I don''t think so... Proviron has a direct metabolic pathway into DHT? DHT is well known to cause hair loss in men that are prone to it. I have taken both Proviron and Masteron and neither caused me to have any hair loss.

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    The British pharmaceutical website Net Doctor reports that Proviron should not be used by patients with pre-existing liver tumors. As Proviron can enlarge the prostate, elderly men or men with pre-existing prostate cancer should also avoid using Proviron.

    Bayer additionally reports that patients with hypercalcemia (high blood levels of calcium) should not take Proviron, and that before taking Proviron, patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, epilepsy or heart disease should consult with a physician to discuss risks and complications to these conditions that Proviron might cause.

    Children, women who are pregnant or women who could become pregnant should avoid using this drug. states that androgens given to pregnant women have caused female fetuses to develop masculine feature, and that externally administered androgens may stunt the growth of children.

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    before easy to buy in italie now impossible, good product before training. but underground lab are really put proviron on tabs???

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    bump to the top.

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    Not so impossibile to find,beatricia. .underground and official Brand not too expensive. .

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    ok franck happy to see that.

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    for libido proviron is number one, for cutting aslo very good.


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