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    not only roids

    They sent some good samples and when you order big they sent s***

    See these perfect made Kamagra's the only thing the counterfeits miss is the active ingredient.
    These erctiles are even more counterfeited then AAS
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    Once again - and fantastic and very helpful and informative post Ronny.......

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    seems like the way to go is to find a good UGL you trust and stick with it..........It is not absolute drug grade but at least you know what you are getting most of the time.

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    thx Ronny interesting...

    im just trying out a well known UGL for the first time as i always used HG me in the past ....i just carnt trust HG gear anymore and the guys selling it ots so not good...

    anyways im 5 weeks in and the UGL stuff is working a ok.

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    after reading this thread i feel the need to stop my testoviron depot's asap - and switch to my ugl - wtf. nice post .

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    what about Napsgear? they have been legit for me so far

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    Superb knowledge of counterfeited HG gear!

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    Yes, trust is a question now?

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    Socal Media, Gear, doing my research, thinking of doing one cycle.

    Excuse me while I punch a hole in the wall rip some hair out and go vomit.


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