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    missing knowledge on counterfeited HG gear

    On my former website Bodyofscience a member posted “I gave up on HG gear”

    From what I've recently learned, some counterfeiters buy screen/silk printing machines, custom amps, amps sealers, amp fillers, etc.. all from China and very cheap. The profits are incredible, and on some, you can hardly differentiate the originals from the copies. They can perfectly copy anything - holograms, amp shape, etc., all of which can be replicated in China for a lot less money than people think. That's the part that scares me the most. Total cost for all this < $10k. This info came from someone that would know better than most.

    Furthermore, obtaining HG gear "real HG gear" from the manufacturer in Europe, Russia, Poland, etc., in bulk is next to impossible without a medical license. Seems like the only places to get legit HG gear in bulk are Turkey, Egypt, Iran and Thailand. Those guys that "claim" they buy directly from the factory from companies based in the EU are completely full of shit.

    I’ve tried to educate people on this subject for decades, still a lot of misconceptions are thought to be true. I’ll show what happened/happens in the world of counterfeits.

    First we bodybuilders are looking to our own scene. Counterfeiting is a big problem. The counterfeiting/trade in AAS is profitable .. today even more profitable then hard drugs and with lower risks. There are many organisations distributing them.

    Do they restrict themselves to AAS. No of course not these guys are counterfeiting money bills and coins, drivers-licences, credit cards, expensive jewellery – purses – cloth - anti-cancer meds, you just name it.

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    a case

    I?ll show you what happened when I tried to buy a lot of counterfeits once there was a big discussion on the boards about real or fake Karachi Sustanons and Deca durabolin.

    Some different amps where floating the market (just like it still does) most deviation where found in the length of the ampoules and the printing/spraying of dotmatrix.
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    IP China

    The last one was sold by IP China and he went through all kind of lies to ensure peopel that the ampoules where genuine. A mail he sent to a member asking

    From: ip*@*.com
    To: N@A
    Subject: Organon legit products?

    Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 08:54:17 -0700

    Abbott shut down for illegal production and sales through back door , oreganon contracted out sustanon production to a local pharmacuetical company called abbott , all sales had to go through oreganon and abbott not to sell direct nore produce for any other party as per contract agreement , our source from russia aproached abbott direct with a huge order and abbott produced and sold through back door , we think abbott may have produced at another facility to avoid oreganons QA technicians or outsourced to another firm .. at this time there is no more production of real karachi sustanon besides these amps , short ones considered genuine but the short one we tested come up 219 mg of enanthate according to SRCS lab ID test # 505081-1 , i am searching for real short ones from older batches to make everyone happy , we used to rebottle them few years ago and they were pain to open , amps had thick neck and shatter in hand trying to open and guys who used current amps ordering again as everyone uses same ones they had good results with last time so we may end up carrying both versions , board talk or glass shape didnt make anyone grow , content does; ,unless you want to frame the glass amp and hang it on the wall and look it to grow ,the glass goes to bin . only content remains in your body so its better to go by lab results rather than amps apearance ,lab test was 5 points , strelity ,volume , content , concentration , uniformity , GMP requirs volume has to be %15 over , thats 1.15 ml ,; passed , strelity ; bacteria count must be undetacable , passed , uniformity , all amps must filled to same level with same concentration by collecting samples in random , passed , HPLC and concentration , passed ,i have HPLC ask me .. no UG product including mine can pass GMP test specialy a 4 esther injectable .. all other brands i tested including my own products dont pass GMP , except my new orange nolva and clomid pass GMP because it happened that particular factory making them is a GMP certified factory , find nolvadex GMP license in my site .. these amps clearly not made in someones basment , its just not possible to make such quality amps UG another reason sited for these amps being fake because a dealer in russia offer them and boards Mr-know-it-all says everything from russia is fake , russian are dominant in power sports useing only fakes ! CSI countries(former USSR ) combined medal count is more than any country and you can get killed in russia if you sell fakes and happen to know that russian source and he dont deal fakes .. , put Alin in scammer list because of same amps i have in my list which tested real , Alin is the most stand up guy i know in this business , thats very unfair to honest man ,i know some of board mods may get free products from a source so they back that source or brand name they are carrying and put everyone else down ,guys just follow whats said on board like a herd of sheeps , last thing a source want to fight against boards when they weild power of media

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    Once I found the Chinese company that sold the ampoules and also sold counterfeited British Dragon vials. I had to convince him to sent me some samples. First he sent me a few blank ampoules. I could add every silk screen print I desired and the ampoules could be filled with all compounds I desired. IP CZ had some deca?s but that?s an other story.

    I made the guys to believe I was a very big supplier and wanted to make sure the printing was of superior quality..and bingo he did sent me some Karchi samples. The deca to be exact.
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    We sent in a sample for analysis and it turned out it was dosed with the real compound in the right doses. But they lied about the fact that it was a counterfeit from China and it hurt their credibility and they where removed from some boards for lying about it.

    It shows you don’t have to buy a silk screen printer etc to sell these counterfeits. A contracter or manufacturer can deliver them on your doorstep. Accurate filled or with cheaper compounds.
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    They have many ways to transport around the globe. More about that, later in this thread.

    They have enough resources, and they do not only copy AAS but also money bills and coins, drivers-licences, credit cards, expensive jewellery ? purses ? cloth anti-cancer meds, you just name it.
    A very amusing example:

    A 22-year old Bulgarian student part of international crime gang, dealing with produce of counterfeit driving licenses, passports and Euro banknotes for more than 25 countries was arrested in Bulgaria. A 22-year old Bulgarian student "issued" a fake credit card on the name of Bill Gates , Interior Chief Secretary, General-lieutenant Boyko Borisov announced.

    The student was a part of international crime gang, dealing with produce of counterfeit driving licenses, passports and Euro banknotes spread in more than 25 countries. Bulgaria's police nabbed the man referred to as Alexey K. who produced fake credit cards used for bank drainage.

    The student played a key role in the ring. He frequently traveled to Macedonia, Ukraine, USA and Canada. The Bulgarian was arrested at a time when he was preparing fake ID cards. He worked in cooperation with accomplices from the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Macedonia and many other countries.

    The operation had been prepared for a year and a half. It began simultaneously in all the countries and so far over 30 people have been arrested.

    And he guys, that connection in the Netherlands that?s not me..
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    Ronny i need a car drive license, Police bring mine...can you help me? LOL
    A friend of mine did an holiday in Bulgaria, he carried a Panerai watch, real but in Bulgaria he found a perfect copy of that watch and a lot of other brands, not the easy spot fake you find in every italian city. He's a watches collector so he's an expert about this subject but he told me that if he put the two Panerai watches in a box he was not able to see which one was the original one...perfect copy
    Would you like to get a perfect hand made copy of every gun? Go to Pakistan and you will get what you need!
    And we must remember the "real copy" of something: if you would to make a gift to your girlfriend, a Bottega Veneta 1500euro handbag for example, you can go in Vicenza, where is located the production and if you are enough lucky you can find a chinese shop where you can buy it for 50-100euro and it's not a copy it's a real one: the production is realized in a little chinese leather firm ( italian production yes... )and the workers do a pair hours of extra job to make some bhandbags for them...
    But the best fakes was the "saw dust one" that some years ago you could find in Naple and a lot of south italy' places... 10pcs cartoon cigarettes perferctly made with saw dust in them(there was the cellophane too...) or some car radio/hi-fi stereo with saw dust or brick inside....
    But anti-cancer med need not a bullet, you need a pair of hours of torture.

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    I know about the guns, I love them, I had a homesearch a few times thus I stopped.

    Been a lot to Turkey on hollidays and they sell all kind of counterfeits too, smoking saw it.
    Big Italian involvement (camorra) in the world wide traffiking of anabolic steroids familiar with the Alessandro Donati report?

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    silkscreen and labeled

    Its possible to buy in China - India - Pakistan etc blank amps. I allready mentioned that fact. Some companies buy them (insert).

    An other silkscreen printed counterfeited NILE Sustanon, not only falsely filled with different compounds but also contaminated with other pharmaceutical active ingredients you would not want to inject into your body..also sold by IP China.
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    this sucks real bad. who to trust now a days? friggin crap shoot!


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