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    Rules for the blog

    You guys never cease to amaze me. I now have to babysit the blogs, go figure. Doesnt anyone have common sense? Now we are getting members who think its ok to post 'Where Is My Order' in the Blogs. Dont let me catch anyone posting that crap or anything else that has to do with sponsors, t/a talk, money transfers, etc. in the Blog area of the forum. ZERO TOLERANCE for it. Your first time is your last time here at JM. Have a nice day!

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    jesus when does it end.....just friggin ban the idiots no more of this crap.......

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    Why won't people just learn!!!! I don't know why it's so hard but hey they have been warned!!! Take out your bann hammer lol...
    ?I dont believe in an eye for an eye, I believe in two eyes for an eye? ? Bas Rutten

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    Ban them. Ban them all.
    Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none.

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    No soup for them!!!!

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    I dont plan on getting on your bad side

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ares View Post
    I dont plan on getting on your bad side
    Most people here dont. But there are the few that dont know how to read. So yeah, they get on my bad side, and I ban them. One today so far..

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    i wana ban some1

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    No place for them should be banned.


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