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    Ive been monitoring the shoutbox as of late, and it seems we still have members that dont want to read the rules. From now on, if you dont follow the rules for the shoutbox, (they are posted as a sticky on top of this sub-forum) you are banned forever for using it again. You also will be banned from the main forum for 1-2 weeks, depending on what kind of mood im in. Ive been playing around with my Mod powers, and found out where that function is at, so watch yourselves.

    Ive had just about enough of seeing 'where is my order', and everything else that has to do with t/a, transfers, etc. You can take your concerns to the sponsor sub-forum, but then again, please read the rules regarding that sub-forum as well. I hope im very clear on this. If there are any questions regarding the shoutbox, please ask now, so they can be addressed and there wont be any misunderstandings.


    ItalianMuscle - SUPER DUPER MOD :-)

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    Glad to see you found the button, now hopefully we can get back to basics on this board.

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    There ya go bro, ya found the magic button lmao!!!!! There is no more explaining anything now, I hope people learn!!!
    ?I dont believe in an eye for an eye, I believe in two eyes for an eye? ? Bas Rutten

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    Yup I'm glad this matter is getting handled itailan muscle its been outta control I getting,tired of reporting these clowns that dont no how to read rules good stuff super duper mod

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    some are just so ignorant, i tell them to shut the .up and they keep going. lol the nerve! i wish i had such powers!

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    All you pissy little pukes listening....Damn been waitin for you to get in this mood Super Mod....Ban em all!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by limo View Post
    All you pissy little pukes listening....Damn been waitin for you to get in this mood Super Mod....Ban em all!!!!!!!!!!
    HAHAHAHAHAH Limo said pissy little pukes!!!! HAHAH Funny shit CUZZ!!!

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    WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! You go super duper mod........I'm tired of it......I've been trying to use my super duper telepathic powers to ban them but obviously my super duper powers are not as finely tuned as yours sir.......

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    So u mean we can't ask ne stupid freakn ?s. Jk. Lol. That's awesome Im we don't need them here
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    YAY getting my ban hammer out


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