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    Educate Yourself (for the new steroid user)

    one of the nice things about Juiced Muscle is that we work really hard to keep this board, friendly, helpful, and flame free. the more educated guys here are more than happy to help out and giude the newer fellas in the right direction. after all, at one point, we were all new to bodybuilding and the various aspects that go along with it.

    ok, now lets talk steroids....steroids, steroid cycles, PCT, AI's, SERMs and all the lingo that goes along with being part of the dark side can seem overwhelming if you're new to it all. let me give you some advice. don't be in a rush to get your first cycle started. take your time and learn for yourself, what is exactly the best way to run a first cycle. how can you figure that out? research and READ! all of the basic info you need to know is right here on the board in front of you. a big part of reading the info here is using the search tool. you can use the search feature to search for your topic. you can even do advanced searches, to look only in certain areas of the board or to search 'titles only'. 'titles only' is a great way to narrow things down and find info on a topic. if you want to make the commitment to using AAS, prove it by doing your own research and reading. i dont mind helping you out and neither does anyone else, but you need to know why it is you are using what you're using. don't just take a very powerful drug because me or anyone else on the internet tells you to. at the end of the day, you need to make the decission so be informed.
    so from now on, no one is going to PM me asking what a good first cycle is, right? cool
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    Thank you sam1976 reading material like this is refreshing. I have found bodybuilding to be 70% mental. Education/knowledge is a key part of that. Thanks again.

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    i think,Bossman Sam, has hit a good key note. 2 big thumbs WAY way up for ya bro.

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    Grate post Sam, reading is the key to all!!

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    How does Stan/ win make you feel If never done it?

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    :-) I get it I think

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    Love the forum man. And good post . Reading is the key to a whole new set of knowledge. Ive learned that over the years ive been in this world. Its like a whole different lifestyle.

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    i trained for a year before i even thought about it and by the time my order cam it was 2 years so ya very good advice from Sam. He seems to really know his shit

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    So what you're saying sam, is that we should all send u pm's asking what our first cycle should be? Right? Good!


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    GRRRRR. exactly lol
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