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    Rules for this section!!! Everyone please read!!!

    1. No discussion of ordering/receiving AAS in the countries where its illegal to do so.
    2. No discussion of mail and mail couriers.
    3. No discussion of WU, MG or any other payment methods.
    4. NO T/A TALK!! And this also means that I don't want to see you posting "My package came in 8 days or 2 weeks." etc.
    5. Dont post when you ordered and when it shipped be smart.
    6. Have an issue bring it up with Teamnaps the rep for this section.
    7. No discussion of packaging methods.

    I will be adding to this as i see fit.
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    Thanks for making the rules clear GXR64 now everyone knows and can be no excuses.

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    Thanks for clarifications!

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    Thank you for letting us know, this is helpful.

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    Glad to see this post...Thanks Gxr64.

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    Thanks for posting and making it perfectly clear for everyone so now there can be no more excuses

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    Thanks SuperMod GXR64!

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    wtf is TA talk?

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    transit and arrival talk. ie how long it took to get to you.

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    thanks for the rules.. just curious thought.. what else is there to talk about lol


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