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    Why i despise of the weasel partridge!

    Instead of tying up the message board I have decided to just dedicate a thread to the parasite who just refuses to go away. I am referring to Sean Partridge. The little fella with the small man complex. Some mite wonder why I would despise of this piece of shit so much so I will fill everybody in. When this contest started the sneaky sack of shit made up a bunch of fake accounts to vote himself up...and everybody else down. Within 2 weeks he had run so many people into the ground that people just wanted to quit the contest.....but NOT Primetime. That little bitch voted me down to 104th place. Very last place. All with that dumbass smirk on his face, just for men hair dye dripping down his head, and those sorry ass tats that he paid someone a pack of smokes to do in the county jail. Everything about this fucking clown is a total fraud. From his 215 weight....down to his diet that was copy and pasted out of a fitness magazine. My personal favorite is his thoughts section. This fucking idiot has the nerve to actually write..."with the help of naps suppliments there is NOBODY in this contest that can produce the results that I can!"
    Just the fucking nerve! There is a few dudes in this contest that are actual bodybuilders....way more jacked and shredded than me, and I am the first to give credit where its due! This clown says...nobody can produce? Who in the fuck are you?? Arnold in his prime! Lmfao! Even his bio section....been lifting...NON PRO. Yeah asshole...your 15 inch arms gave that away but thanks for letting us know. Lmao. Just a total piece of garbage. Then instead of updating his weekly pics...he just posted the last weeks pics under a new week....and used the time Naps allows to edit your journal entry...changes them at the last minute....and has the fucking nerve to come on here and play with peoples intelligence! ''Ohhh all of my pictures are updated". Just a sneaky weasel piece of shit period.
    But his worst mistake was the day that he fucked with me! Comes on here making accusations of collusion? You fucking clown...its called sportsmanship and supporting the other contestants. NOT BURYING THEM WITH FAKE ACCOUNTS UNTIL THEY WANT TO QUIT. You support and encourage people...not hold them down because you are worried that you cant legitimately beat them. Total coward. Just look at the votes. Me and Treebeard have the most votes for OTHER people. This asshole has NOT voted for anybody...just look! Piece of shit buried everybody....cheated everybody...refused to vote for anybody else......then comes on here and cries about collusion??? Just a piece of garbage. But here is the best part. HE CAN NEVER EVER EVER BEAT ME! LMFAO. I mite end up finishing 13th place but you can bet your ass that he wont be any higher than 14th. Lol. Even the way he comes on here....tries to stir up shit....then slithers off like a snake in the grass is disgusting. Has absolutely no pride, honor, or sportsmanship. Most importantly...he does NOT have what it takes to win. ohhh...and 215 pounds? GTFO....never did that guy weigh anything near 215 pounds period. Talks about producing results...produce a scale you lying sack of shit! I have about 60 pounds on his fragile ass and I have NOT even began to cut yet. Once I switch gears and shred he can go back down to Planet Fitness and be the little fella struggling with the 70's that we all know he is. I WISH EEVERYBODY THE BEST OF LUCK...AND ANYBODY CAN WIN..BESIDES THIS CLOWN, HE IS DONE PERIOD. IF YOU HAPPEN TO READ THIS YOU SPINELESS SACK OF SNAKE FECES JUST COMMENT A DAY AND TIME...I WILL BE HERE TO PERSONALLY DISMANTLE YOU AGAIN! TAKE CARE!

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    Best. Thread. Ever. You have an amazing sense of humor, but it would only be funnier if any of it was false but it isn’t. All facts there.


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