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    Project Get Shredded 2021 | Updates | Overcoming Obstacles | New Features

    Project Get Shredded 2021 is nearing its 5 week! We are almost a quarter of the way there! Some of you were training for bodybuilding competitions and your plans were foiled by COVID. PGS 2021 gave you guys the opportunity to press forward in pursuit of your bodybuilding dreams. We see many contestants already making very impressive results! As the weeks go on, your results will be even more exciting! Nevertheless, this contest has seen some ups and downs.

    Overcoming Obstacles

    NapsGear has sponsored contests since 2014. PGS 2021 is in a league of its own. We have never run a contest at this level and with stakes this high. It?s a complete paradigm shift. With this shift, it introduced some obstacles, which we feel we have appropriately resolved.
    The site had a few bugs ? we squashed them! Some features were either not working properly, or at all. These bugs have all been corrected.
    Then, our judges noticed some contestants taking the lead using some unethical approaches. As a result, our technical team made critical upgrades to our voting system, adding new tools for monitoring the legitimacy of votes. Furthermore, our judges continue to monitor all votes on a daily basis. In the end, your votes will not win you this competition; they are a factor in our judges? review.

    New Features

    We added new features to the contest to make the experience more entertaining and the site more navigable. The contestant page is now rotating based on recent journal entries as a stream of activity, rather than a fixed list of contestants. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to succeed in this contest.
    Stay up-to-date on these changes by following our PGS News Feed!
    We wish you all the best in one of the most exciting and competitive competitions NapsGear has ever run! Good luck!

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    Thank you NapsGear for doing what you can to run a fun and fair competition!

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    I like the rotating profiles, keeps everyone up front for a share of the time. Great add!

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    Impressive Stuff What program did you use for these? Currently trying to get my head round Maya at the moment with limited success

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    Congratulations to all winners!!


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