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    Project get shredded...not project kicked out of the chat box!

    First off I would like to thank @loststorm for acknowledging that my idea helped re-shape this contest.
    Now lets get down to business. I think that we have a mis-conception of what I am saying about this contest. The reason that I am, the way that I am, is to guarantee that EVERYBODY gets a fair chance in this contest. And some of the things that I have personally witnessed was making that impossible to occur. I am the person who came up with the new voting system where every single vote is accounted for and can be audited. My problem was GIVING FAKE VOTES BACK! This just literally handed Partridge his 300 fake vote lead back that he voted for himself to begin with. Not to mention put everybody in the competition back at a huge disadvantage. And it really defeats the purpose of making a level playing field.On the bright side..... Has anybody noticed.....same guy who had 300 votes in 3 days....cant break 100 all week?? Its because he knows that his cheating is on borrowed time and NOBODY actually in that contest will vote for him...just look!! NOBODY! I have absolutely ZERO respect for anybody who would go so far. and make others feel bad in the process. I completely understand getting a few votes to give you a boost...but this guy went way overboard and actually used the same accounts to vote everybody else down. Voted me down to 104th place. Now within just 1 legit week I am in the top 10. Really? Thats unacceptable. Also had other people so discouraged that they wanted to quit in the second week. That shit aint cool and I have absolutely no respect for a piece of garbage like that period! Long story short, until you finally throw him out for cheating, which he continues to do with 3 voters... who only vote for him at OVER 100 votes a piece, yes 100 votes each....I will continue to watch every move like a hawk, and once again do EVERYBODY in the contest a huge favor. You can thank me later! To everybody in the contest working hard, keep up the good work and I look forward to defeating you in the finals! Haha. Take Care

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    I think everyone is with you Primetime and very glad you have the front to do the calling out! The sad think is that there was base there for a real competition but the lack of character has overshadowed anything this contestant could have done to earn respect. I don't think there will be any support for the cheaters at the end and they likely only robbed themselves of what could have been an honest shot.

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    Bro @Primetime1. I have just spoken to the organizers and there has indeed been a shakedown. I believe Week 1 votes have been removed completely from all contestants since most of them were identified as fake votes - taking advantage of the glitches in the system. (I will confirm this shortly). Also, the winner will be decided by a panel of judges comprising of the sponsors. Votes are going to be just an indicative and a small factor in the decision making. There will be a post up regarding this shortly. Thanks for pointing out the glitches and helping to iron out this platform. I believe the winner being chosen by judges will remove all the ambiguity of votes out of the question. Keep working hard. Cheers!

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    @loststorm...If we were back in college Naps mite have been expelled for plagiarism! Lmfao. When you said that you forwarded my input, I called bullshit. Sure enough.... I had absolutely NO idea that they would pretty much write it verbatim for everyone to read when they logged on the site! Lol. It even included quotes like "not being a popularity contest". I was completely blown away reading it. All that really matters is that people now have a fair chance to win. I am also going to post a thread about this as well. I hope that it can give some people some insight and help make a better overall contest.

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    @Primetime1 I hope you now believe me I am here only for you guys and to make this a better place! Cheers bro!


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