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    Thank you Sponsors

    I just wanted to put it out there and say Thank You to all the Sponsors. I'm still learning and experimenting and appreciate the products you put out for the community. I have personally tried products from Dragon Pharma, Pharmaqo, Para Pharma, Ma-Xtreme Pharma, and Geneza. The products are solid and NAP's and Juiced Muscle make it easy to share information and best practices. Thank you everyone!

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    Yes, Bro!
    Given the VERY generous donations from our sponsors, we wanted to give them a deserving shout-out to highlight their contributions!

    Dragon Pharma $30,000

    Para Pharma $25,000

    Pharmaqo $25,000

    Maxtreme Pharma $25,000

    Deus Medical $10,000

    BM Pharma $10,000

    Scott Pharma $10,000

    Geneza Pharma $25,000

    As you can see, there were no small contributions. These sponsors spared no expense to give you guys the contest of a lifetime and contributed a generous amount to bring the total prize pool to a colossal $160,000!
    This contest is a very big deal.

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    Thanks to all the sponsors for the massive contributions!

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    Ok, so I'm not doing so good in votes right now. If you're feeling generous stop by my profile and show love and support with some votes.

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    Yes, thank you and I am busting my ass to get a piece of that pie! Cut my five day routine down to four and repeat and added 40% load to my dumbbell exercises (3-sets to 5-sets all around). I want a piece of this! Some pretty massive people in this, good spirit too. The chat and banter on profile pages is pretty cool. This is outstanding!


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