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    Pgs voting format needs to be changed

    Let me begin by saying I fully encourage and support everybody who entered the PGS contest this year and is legitimately participating and working towards a goal. This thread does NOT apply to you and I sincerely wish everybody good luck in achieving your goals and finishing strong. Next I would like to say that I have been on Naps for about a decade now and they have an excellent reputation when it comes to service and products. I have ordered thousands every single year without any major problems that were not immediately addressed. Unfortunately this has NOT translated into this contest. Just a few days in I began to notice unusual voting activity with a few contestants. When i clicked on their profile and opened tho leaderboard tab I noticed clear as day that several people were voting from the same IP address. So did others. I contacted Naps about this issue. They then proceeded to move the votes that were all listed under the same IP address into a separate column to make them appear as if they did not. And the vote total remained the exact same. I noticed this and contacted them again asking why they not only allowed this, but then altered the votes as well. They simply erased my ticket as if it never existed and left the votes. I contacted them again and once again they just erased my ticket like it never existed. I took screenshots of the tickets and the contents of each ticket. I can provide this proof to anybody who wishes to doubt me as well. I find this totally unacceptable. Its clear as day to anybody with a set of eyes that the top 2 contestants used fake accounts to run vote totals up. This is why their rating is about 100 less than their vote total. This could all be easily avoided by using a better voting system. Voting should be limited to X amount of votes for each participant and a specifically numbered amount of representatives receiving X amount of votes as well. By doing this EVERY SINGLE VOTE IS ACCOUNTED FOR AND CAN BE AUDITED IF NECESSARY! NO MORE NONSENSE. This eliminates all nonsense and gives every participant an equal oppurtunity to win. This phantom voting system that consists of magical accounts where nobody has the slightest clue of how many accounts, and how many votes exist... is complete garbage and has absolutely NO place in a competition with this type of money at stake. The winner should be determined based on appearance and how much progress has been made during the contest. Not whoever has the most laptops, accounts, and access to different IP addresses. That is a disgrace and I am beyond disappointed that Naps has NOT done anything to stop this yet. Maybe one of these reps on this forum can pass this along and we can have a fair contest like we expected to begin with. To all of those who are working hard, good luck and I wish you the best. To people like SEAN are a cheating POS and I look forward to seeing you banned because you could NOT legitimately win if your life depended on it!

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    Hey Bro,

    I have made a few pointers based on your observation such as why are there 6+ votes from a single voter since it's been just a week. I have forwarded that to the team and am awaiting a reply. I will let you know what they have to say.

    Regarding the voting, the best thing that can be done is identify spam votes based on same IP addresses so that people can't make multiple accounts and vote.

    However, if someone is asking friends and family to vote, that does count as legitimate. So while I am actively pursuing your arguments and getting answers for those, I urge you to spread the word among your people to vote for you.


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    Also, can you PM me the screenshots of the ticket you created and had deleted ? If this is true, this needs to be investigated as well.

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    I have to say that you are not wrong, and you did put names out there. I actually gave that account a positive word of encouragement and was negged on the comment.... I guess the person who negged me didn't realize those votes go to the Q&A, not the contest. Primetime, you are grade A muscle and contestant and I respect you. I try to keep out of these shouting matches, but I have to support you in your rant, about hacks trying to manipulate a system with so much money on the line. I am working my ass off for that ripped look and time is not on our side. I might not have blasted ticketing so hard, because I do believe they are working on it, but I sure to do see some fake personality in some accounts and I look forward to you, Treebeard, and so many others placing ahead of the fakes! Work for it, don't politic for it!

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    @shirlsguy, the contest will now be driven by a Judges evaluation at the end to decide the winner. All your voices were heard. I appreciate all of you who actually voiced out and helped make the system better. Cheers!


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