Hey All,

I'm really new to using AAS. I have done some research over the past year, tried reading through forums and watching videos and felt comfortable enough to take the leap. I'm 2 weeks in on Test only, and I suddenly don't feel as prepared as I initially thought. Hoping some guys with experience here can help make sense of what I'm feeling. I'm basically a weak dwarfling in his mid-30's; 5'5, 135lbs, 15% BF, and have a very disciplined diet and exercise schedule (for a long time).

I saw my doctor (just for physical, not TRT) and got labs done, everything was normal/healthy; my test levels were in the 600's. I originally planned on taking 500mg of Test (pinned twice a week). The first day I pinned was normal (250mg). The day after I felt noticeably better, but this could have been placebo? 2 days after my first pin I woke up with extremely sensitive nipples, almost like they were burning, and there was an unusual tenderness in the side of my pec. This was definitely not in my head, but there were no visible changes (e.g. no swelling, lumps, puffy nipples, etc.). Out of an abundance of caution, I decided to drop my weekly dose to 250mg (starting from that point, and pinned 125mg the next shot). I also started taking 0.25mg of Arimidex and 20mg of Nolvadex every day. It's been a week since I started taking the AI and SERM, but the nipple sensitivity is still there (the tenderness in the side of my pec is gone). Someone recommended I raise my dosage back to my planned 500mg, get off the AI for now so I don't crash my E2, and to stay on Nolvadex for my cycle if I'm worried about gyno.

Does this make sense to you guys? Does anyone else's nipples get really sensitive to Test? I got more lab work done today just in case something crazy is going on, but I'm not sure anything will show up so soon. Thank you so much for any help you can give.