I placed a few decent sized order (4 orders) which was from 3 different distributors. Not only was the process quick and easy but what I like best is how Naps is always about customer satisfaction. They give you numerous options to gain rewards from having friends sign up, helping others with questions, leaving reviews as well as receiving 10% of your purchase after coupons and rewards have been applied.

I have and will continue to refer people to Napsgear. Not only for ordering purposes but because when you click on a certain item you will always find out details about it, suggested use and other knowledgeable information.

In total it consisted of the following:

(10) Test Cypionate 250mg injection
(2) Deca 300mg
(6) Test Sustanon 350mg injection
(4) Trenbolone 200mg injection
(1500) Dianabol/D-bol 10mg Oral
(200) Proviron 25mg Oral
(500) Anavar 10mg Oral
(1) Winstrol 50mg injection
(3) Dodex Vitamin B injection

It just so happened that one of the products (which was a must have when ordering) was voted at that time "Item of the week" making it half price. All and all dealing with Napsgear was extremely pleasant. I will be ordering from them again real soon. What I found very helpful was under each individual product there is a brief description of what the certain steroid does, what it's best stacked with and a recommendation of how much to use on a weekly basis. I did need to touch base with one of the "Online Chat supporters", they were VERY helpful with answering my questions!

AAAA+++++ as usual