Best 7 Tips for Losing Weight.

1.New Physical Activity

Taking up a new hobby can increase your physical activity throughout the day, and keep your spirits up. It will also distract you from your possible hunger pangs. Biking, swimming, jogging, knitting, reading, golfing or any other common hobby can help you get through your bored moments without reaching for a snack.

2.Avoid Escalators & Elevators

On a daily basis, do your best to avoid taking escalators or elevators. The more walking you do on the stairs, even in small stints, the more activated your metabolism will be, which will help you burn calories passively throughout the day.

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3.Regular Sleep

Getting enough sleep is critical, and some studies have shown that taking cat naps during the day can also help weight loss goals. The body needs time to rest, recharge and repair itself, which will help you function more effectively, including in the burning of calories.

4.Reduce Screen Time

Spending hours on your tablet or smartphone often means sitting on a couch and not moving for long hours. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest causes of obesity and slow metabolism, so put your phone down and get moving!

5.Food Journal

By keeping an accurate account of your daily caloric intake, you will be more conscious of the tiny snacks and calorie bursts you have throughout the day. Also, this will help you make firm goals and changes to your habits.

6.Portion Size

Instead of cutting out certain foods entirely, don?t deny yourself that pleasure, instead, just shrink the portion size. This will keep you from being ?deprived? and increase your chances of staying true to your diet goals.

7.Weight Loss Secrets for Women

Some of the most overlooked weight loss tips for women include working out more often, walking whenever possible, avoiding eating out and adding more healthy fats, among others.

- Mild Workouts: Working out more often for shorter periods of time will help boost your metabolism more than infrequent, intense workouts, leading to more calorie-burning and weight loss.

- Healthy Fats: Adding healthy fats, such as those from avocados and salmon, is a good way to feel full, re-balance cholesterol levels, and still enjoy delicious foods. Too much fat, however, will greatly increase calorie count, so be sure to consume in moderation.

- Eat Slowly: Chewing slower and taking breaks between bites gives your body time to digest, meaning that you will feel full sooner This will prevent overeating during meals.

- Carry Low-calorie Snacks: While traveling out, if you carry a bag of nuts, trail mix or vegetable sticks along with you at the beginning of the day, you?re less likely to buy a high-calorie snack when you?re feeling peckish.

- Add Caffeine: Adding caffeine to your diet with coffee or green tea can kick start your metabolism and increases the calorie-burning process throughout the day, while also suppressing the appetite.

- Avoid Eating Out: Make a point to only eat at home, which will force you to shop healthy and prevent late-night cheats at local fast-food restaurants.

- Walk a Mile: A great rule to follow is that if a destination is within 1 mile, you should always walk, whether it is to run errands, go grocery shopping, or grab a drink with a friend. This additional cardio could burn hundreds of extra calories every day.