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    What are the best ways to reduce and eliminate belly, abdominal, and thigh fat?

    Cardio exercise at as fast a pace as you can handle without getting puffed out.
    So if you go for a walk, you will NEVER get puffed out, and you'll burn fat at a very slow rate.

    If you go for a fast run, you'll last 3 minutes before being puffed out and you'll have burnt a bit of fat and a lot of other energy like food energy or muscle.(yes your muscles recycle themselves for energy. it's horrible but it happens)

    If you go for a sprint, you'll last 30 seconds before being puffed out. And you wont have burnt any fat, because it's faster for your muscles to burn food energy and themselves.

    So you need to find that balance of speed and ease where you can run as fast as you can without puffing out. You want that feeling of being able to go forever without getting puffed.

    The feeling of "puffed" is caused by your body burning anything other than bodyfat for energy. Food energy and muscle (when it's used as energy), can be burnt so fast that your body cannot get rid of the by-products fast enough. It's called a lactic acid build-up, and it causes you to puff like mad, because the way you get rid of lactic acid is with oxygen! So the more lactic acid in your muscles, the more oxygen you need to breath in.

    If you go for a walk, you don't get a lactic acid buildup, so you don't have to breath heavily. If you sprint or lift weights, you use other sources of energy which leave lactic acid and require heaps of oxygen to get rid of them. If there is too much lactic acid and not enough oxygen entering your system, you just conk out.

    Sorry about the way I've explained it. There's many ways to look at it and as always there are many exceptions to the rule, but this is a basic way of looking at it to understand the best way to exercise to burn fat.

    For me, I can run at a pace that allows me to keep going forever and it's roughly 5 steps per breath in and 5 steps per breath out. I can then do a sprint or run up a hill and start puffing like mad and burning lots of food energy or muscle, but when I go back to the normal pace I'll recover, and go back to burning pure body fat.

    As for walking, I find that 3km/h on a 10-20 degree incline is the maximum I can do before puffing out. I have done this for 6 hours before. Yes I watched a season of family guy in one session on the treadmill! LOL but after it, I looked leaner immediately! I had burnt a lot of fat, but also my abs and leg muscles were bigger from so much exercise, so it looked like I had done a body transformation.
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    I recommended some exercise or workout but waist trainer is also effective for lose belly fat.

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    i recommend doing yoga everyday
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