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Let me first start off with saying I wasn't new to the gear game but was definitely new to purchasing from online. With anything you buy from the internet especially when it's new to you and llegal there is much hesitation. I was always that person who would spend 2X's the price from a buddies friend who knew a guy because it was new to my click/group of friends. So after a few years of this, learning more and given the opportunity to be able to purchase a wide variety of things there was no other place I wanted to buy from other than Napsgear. It taught me about different esters, certain PCT, maintenance, cycles, vocabulary and much more. Not to mention when I noticed I was able to get stuff I wasn't able to locally but at less than 3/4 of the price. Vials I would get charged locally at $120 could be had from Napsgear for $40, as well as being lab tested and many different reviews. I find myself reading questions people ask going back years, answering them outloud then reading other people's answers seeing if I'm able to expand my knowledge. With that all being said Napsgear has been and will continue to be my number 1 go to site for everything gear, supplements, herbals, ED meds, HGH and much more. For everyone who is contemplating on giving it a shot, just know you will NOT be dissatisfied.