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    new pre workouts

    I'm looking for a new pre workout to try, any suggestions?

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    APS Mesomorph is great if you want a hardcore, balls-to-the-wall workout, but it?s very strong, contains DMAA, it?s rather expensive for me, and you?ll build up a tolerance fast if you take it regularly. I just enjoy it on special occasions, like going for strength PRs. Oh, and not that it?s a deal-breaker, but the flavors I?ve had so far are horrific. You?ve just got to choke it down fast.

    For a reliable pre-workout, although it may be pretty basic, I find that regular C4 from Cellucor does the trick for me. It?s pretty cheap on sale at Costco, it has just enough kick to get me going with one or two scoops, I don?t seem to build up a tolerance to it very fast, it tastes good, it mixes well, the scoops are small, etc.

    So if I had to say my favorite overall, I?d probably say the original (Amp Citrate) ESP formula from Metabolic Nutrition. Although I?m naturally rather tolerant of stimulants in general, so I like something with a lot of kick; ESP is primarily stimulants.

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    I there any other queries? Update please

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