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    Do we really need vitamin supplements to be healthy?

    The problem is that 1) our food is grown for quantity not quality, leaving it deficient in some nutrients 2) the soil is already deficient in many places 3) our food is picked, transported, stored before markets and thus loses some of it?s nutrients along the way 4) some of us, like seniors, elderly and chronically ill don?t absorb the nutrients in food as we used to 5) we eat a lot of processed food today, which is designed mostly for taste not quality. So there are several factors which seem to conclude it might be a good idea to take a multiple supplement to offset deficiencies. ProvenPeptides. Of course you can also get tested to see if you have deficiencies. That?s the ideal way but most of us use the shotgun approach and just take a multiple. Since most of the ingredients are water soluble and the others are relatively low amounts, there is little danger to taking a multiple.

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    Any input would be appreciated!

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    The analogy above makes a lot of sense TBH

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    Ok, Im gimped on the other PC. If you could give me the super dummy instructions that would be great. Ill probably not finish tonight Im way too tired. But Ill continue in the morning.


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