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    Are potatoes high in protein?

    We need to move away from thinking of superfoods that do things on their own superpowers.

    Potatoes are a great way to get protein, though they are not high in protein and do not offer complete protein.

    Why the paradox? They go well with foods high in protein, and these food are low-cost, healthy and good for the environment and easy to cook up on short notice. Fit your body now easily.

    I'm thinking of potatoes (with the skin of course) smothered in beans or pulse combo's (not the canned kind that are stuffed with sugar) and a nice salsa on top to broaden our the vitamin offering.

    All restaurants should offer one dish like that so customers who are short of money have an option from their menu and can enjoy the restaurant experience.

    Add inclusivity to potato's hidden powers. As with people, foods work best together, not alone.
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    Also - if you notice, no dog food has ever got pork in - I dont know why its not supposed to be good for them, but i have yet to see one made with pork.


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