I will keep it to the point. I workout 4 days a week, morning hours, take 6-7 almonds and 6 walnut kernel halves around 30-40 mins before my workouts.
Take a look on my schedule and will explain the workouts later which i need to know the calories burned in.
Mon : HIIT
Tue : Rest
Wed: Pull circuit
Thu : Rest
Fri : HIIT
Sat: Push circuit
Sun : Rest
HIIT : 20 sec on 20 sec off with following exercises :
1. Sideways Shuffle in place
2. Left side low sprinter step
3. Right side low sprinter step
4. Bear walk
5. Frog walk
6. Plank
7. Mountain climbers
8. Cross arm air punching
PULL CIRCUIT : 3 sets of the following ciruit with no rest between exercises except repositioning, rest of 3-4 mins between sets.
1. Inverted inclined both arm dumbbell row X 10
2. Inverted inclined tricep kickback X 10
3. Standing barbell rows X 10
4. Tricep cable pulldown X 15
5. Shoulder L raise X 8 each side
6. Standing Ez bar skullcrusher X 10
PUSH CIRCUIT : Sets, rest same as in pull
1. Dumbbell overhead press X 12
2. EZ bar curls X 12
3. Ab workout, V bridge(leg raise + crunch, only hips and lower back on floor) X 10
4. Inclined bench dumbbel curls X 12 each arm
5. Knee bent dumbbell shrugs X 6 normal + 4 very slow
6. Knee bent dumbbell curls sideways (hands on sides with palm facing opposite to my face, then moving curl towards opposite shoulder)
Weights used : Dumbbells : 6kg each
Barbell : 20kg
Ezbar : 20kg
Cable : 12kg
My details : Male, 26 yo, 5ft 8in height, 75kg weight.
Calorie intake on workout days and non workout days i will attach in pics.
I have tried samsung health app to get an idea of calories burned but for circuits and HIITs there are not much options, similarly in samsung galaxy watch there are not much options.
Heart rate as recorded : Right after HIIT : 153-158 bpm
On Circuit day right after circuit : 140 bpm
Resting HR : 70-78 bpm
If someone can help me anaylse approximately how many calories i am burning in a HIIT workout and in Push/pull days.

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