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    Need advise with my steroid cycle

    Hey everyone, nice to meet you all.

    I really appreciate ur help with my new cutting steroid cycle for just 8 weeks, i have been through cycles before but this first one without trainer.

    Weeks (1-8)

    Tren A: 100 mg EOD
    Test P: 100 mg EOD
    winny injectable: 100 EOD

    I can add primo/ Eq 400 mg/ week.

    Regarding PCT, need help with it.

    Thanks in advance guys

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    I ran a 6-wk ostarine cycle and liked it, but Im not 100 convinced it wasnt placebo. Nothing crazy, put 20# on my bench.

    By comparison, a month after that I ran my first aas cycle of 560/wk test e, and put 70# on my bench in 14 weeks.


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