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Thread: 3 weeks in

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    3 weeks in

    I've been on 50mg dbol,the blue hearts.ive not gained one pound!!! I'm eating six meals a day and training hard.this source has been roid tested and reliable in the past.i don't know if I platoed or 6 ft tall 230 and at least 15 bodyfat.i got full I go level hgh and insulin.or try a new source .it's just frustrating some times.

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    Have you used the same gear before? I found that if I don't wait at least 4-6 month taking the same gear, I won't get the gains I got the first time I used it. Are you calculating your calories and macro's?
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    Ya I only was off 6 weeks.good point.Thank you

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    3 weeks in

    Eat more than that
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